You can create manual expenses for payments made by cash, other credit or debit card, and other company accounts.

To create a manual expense in the app:

  • From the HOME dashboard or MY EXPENSES section click on the upper right side PLUS (+) button to add an expense.

To create a manual expense from the web:


You will be shown a form where you can:

  • Select the currency of the expense

  • If the expense is paid in a foreign currency, we will calculate its equivalent value in your currency (this can be manually overridden).

  • Amount of the expense

  • Merchant

  • Address

  • Date

  • Time

  • Paid by: You can save a manual expense as paid by "Other company account". These expenses cannot be reconciled when synchronising with your accounting provider and there would not be an option of marking them as PAID, since they are already paid by another company account. Once the expense is in your accounting platform it can be reconciled against the transaction of the correct bank account.

  • An expense saved as paid by "Employee" will go to a review process and any Director can Approve and Pay to reimburse the transaction to the employee (the employees' personal bank details must be set up in their Personal Settings).

  • Scan or Upload a receipt: By scanning a receipt, we will push information from the image and populate the form for you. It is important that you review all the information extracted from the scanning process to validate it. You can also upload a receipt which will be attached to the expense for accounting validation.

  • Click SAVE.

Once the expense is created you will land on the expense detail page where you can continue to edit as needed.

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