In the ACCOUNT section select PAYMENT to start a new payment. You will be prompted to CHOOSE AN EXISTING BENEFICIARY or you can CREATE A NEW BENEFICIARY.

You will need to input the amount of the payment and a description.

In the Transfer Type section, select RECURRING PAYMENT and select frequency, then input the date you want the payment to happen.

Next, you will need to select the repetition period. You can select between: Until canceled, Number of times, and End date. For NUMBER OF TIMES simply input the number of times you want the recurrence to happen. For the END DATE, simply input the date you want the recurring payment to be cancelled. Once you are done, click CONFIRM.

Please check the information you provided. If you want to change anything, please select EDIT. If everything looks fine click CONFIRM to proceed.

You will be prompted to enter your security code. Click CONFIRM and your scheduled payment will be placed.

If you wish to cancel or amend a future payment, go to Payments and click VIEW ALL under the Recent payments section.

You then select the RECURRENT tab and navigate to the payment you want to manage. Click on the payment you wish to amend and find Recurrent payment details where you can amend the payment.

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