There are two ways to make a payment:

For Mobile (iOS and Adroid)

i. Click on the ACCOUNTS icon and select the PAYMENT icon located just under the Account Balance.

ii. Add or select a beneficiary, then input the amount to be debited and add a description.

iii. Click NEXT to continue. Select the transfer type and click NEXT once more to review the details of the payment.

iv. Click CONFIRM and you will be asked to enter your security code.

For WEB (Desktop Client)

i. Click Account or Payments (wamo business only)

ii. Select Payment under Main Account

iii. Select an existing beneficiary or create a new beneficiary.

iv. Enter Amount and other details then choose Payment date.

v. Review the information and hit CONFIRM. If you would like to amend the information please select EDIT.

vi. If the information is correct then hit CONFIRM again and you will be asked to enter your security code..

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