For BUSINESS accounts you will be required to provide the following documents:

  1. Passports or personal IDs of company directors

  2. Company registration number

  3. Company registration and trading addresses

  4. List of shareholder with 25% or more equity

The following documents are not mandatory during opening an account but we strongly advice you to upload them if you already have the copies.

  • Proof of shareholder structure: The latest official documents dated within the past three years confirming the names of all current owners, the structure of ownership and the share allocation.

  • Previous year account: The last accounting report of your company that is submitted to the Companies House.

  • Proof of trading address: A document in which the trading address is shown. e.g: Business rental lease agreement, mortgage statement, a current business license, articles of incorporation, a partnership agreement or the most recent business tax return.

For PERSONAL accounts you will only be required to provide a valid EEA ID. If you are an EEA resident yet you do not have any identification, please contact us through in-app live support.

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