You can add your team members onto your wamo app!

Our team roles include adding Directors, Managers, Employees, and Accountants.

Each role has different levels of access to the app.

Director: A Director has full access to all the functionalities including:

  • Expense management

  • Business current account

  • Ordering payments

  • Company cards

  • Team management

**Please note that only the Director role can perform Transactions**


The manager has access to the following:

  • Business current account

  • Company expenses

  • Team management

  • Company cards

This user cannot perform the following on behalf of other users:

  • Issue payments

  • Issue cards

  • Manage access


  • Create expenses

  • Be informed about his/hers expense management status

  • Have access to personal card management.


  • Has reading access to your company data

  • Able to manage some features as mapping categories in your third party integrations.

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