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Where you can find your account details like IBAN and BIC

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You can easily find details of your wamo business account or individual sub-accounts in your account.

Where is my IBAN/BIC? Where is my sort code and account number?

  • Navigate to your Home dashboard

  • Click on the small icon next to your balance to bring up the All accounts page showing all your sub-accounts

  • Choose the sub-account that you would like to get the details of, as each sub-account has unique account details

  • Click Copy details to get the details you need

Where are my profile and company details?

  • Navigate to your Home dashboard

  • Go to your initials (top right on the app or top left for desktop)

  • Profile details shows personal details such as name and email

  • Company info shows details about your business you entered during registration

It is important that these details remain up to date. If you would like to update any of these details please let us know via our support chat.

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