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What cards does wamo offer?

We are currently offering Virtual and Physical Visa debit cards. Check out wamo app to order yours.

Can I get a credit card?

We don’t offer credit cards at the moment. If this is something valuable to your business, please suggest this to us as we actively incorporate customer feedback.

Can I make contactless payments with wamo debit cards?

Yes, wamo physical cards can be used to make contactless payments in addition to withdrawing money from ATM machines.

Can I use my wamo card with Apple Pay or Google Pay?

We are already working on the development for our cards to support Apple Pay and Google Pay. We will let all wamo customers know when it is made available.

What is a virtual debit card?

A virtual debit card is just like a physical debit card but it lives digitally on your phone. It has its own card number, expiry date and CVV.

What is the difference between a physical and virtual card?

A physical debit card is a regular Visa debit card offered by wamo. Customers can withdraw cash from ATMs and make transactions at point-of-sale (POS) terminals and online. To process any online transactions, you have to key in the card number, the valid-until date of the card and its CVV number. For offline purchases, you’ll need to key in your PIN to carry out the transactions.

A virtual debit card is the online or digital version of a physical debit card. Just like a physical debit card, the virtual debit card comes with a card number, validity and CVV.

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