How do I activate my card?

For physical cards, navigate to the Cards tab on your wamo account. Click Activate and input the 9-digit number token that is printed on the back of your card - you’ll find this just above the magnetic strip. Virtual cards are activated once they are created, no waiting around.

How can I see my card details? (PIN, CVV, expiry date)

Choose a specific card under the Cards tab on your wamo account. Click on Card details and enter your account PIN to view your card number, CVV, PIN and expiry date.

How can I change my PIN?

You can change your card PIN at an ATM.

How do I see transactions made with a certain card?

Under the Cards tab on your wamo account, click on View transactions to view the transaction history.

How do I see the activity on multiple cards?

From your wamo account you can see every transaction made with every card connected to your account. That includes transactions made by team members using the cards you’ve issued them and cards connected to sub-accounts.

Checking in on the wamo dashboard is one of the best ways to track expenses for small businesses.

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