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Making a payment & payment types

Supported types of transfers, countries and how to make transfers

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How can I make a bank transfer in GBP or EUR from my account?

You can send EUR payments to countries within the SEPA zone and GBP payments via Faster Payments to UK directly from wamo account.

  • Navigate to Send from your wamo account dashboard

  • Tap Recipients to make a transfer to a saved recipient or Someone new to add a new recipient and enter their details

  • Choose which sub-account you would like to make the transfer from

  • Enter the amount and confirm the transfer details

Ensure that the recipient's details are correct and the bank/country supports the transfer. Once you have submitted the transfer, it cannot be cancelled or recalled in most cases.

What are the transfer types?

Local transfers: These are those transfers done via SEPA in EUR and via UK Faster payments in GBP.
โ€‹International transfers: These are transfers made in EUR, GBP and USD outside of the Sepa Region and the UK. For SWIFT it is important that you visit the following section:

How long do transfers take?

  • For local EUR transfers made via SEPA, they can take 1-3 business days.

  • For GBP transfers via Faster Payments, the transfer is usually instant but can take up to 2 hours.

Note that SEPA transfers are not processed during the weekend. For example, if a SEPA transfer is sent on Friday evening, the transfer should be expected to arrive the following week.

Which currencies can I do transactions in?

We're currently working on offering you the ability to convert currencies and send or receive international payments. Stay tuned for these updates!

Which countries can I send money to?

You can find a list of countries that you cannot send money to here.

Please contact our team via our live support chat to have the most up to date information on the country for which you wish to receive or make a payment.

Are there limits to what can be transferred into my wamo account?

There are no limits, given that the required documentation is provided.

How can I schedule a recurring transfer?

You can schedule a recurring transfer, like monthly salary payments or supplier payments.

After selecting the recipient you wish to send money to, you will see a calendar icon when entering the amount to send. Select this and follow the instructions to complete the transfer.

What transactions can you make with your company account abroad?

With your wamo account, you can receive payments, make payments, and perform international money transfers. You can also have physical and virtual Visa debit business cards. Visit our website for more information about our features.

Can you make cross-border money transfers?

With your wamo account, you can make safe international payments in EUR, GBP and USD to countries outside the SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) area.

Can I make bulk transfers?

We do not currently offer bulk transfers. Please give us your feedback if this is something essential to your business and we will implement this as soon as possible.

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