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Issues or errors with transfers
Issues or errors with transfers

What to do if you've experienced errors with sending or receiving money

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My transfer hasn’t arrived yet / The recipient has not received the money yet

Please check to see if:

  • The estimated time for the transfer has passed. This is 1-3 business days for normal SEPA transfers.

  • The beneficiary details listed on the transfer are correct

Otherwise, please contact our support via chat or email and we will look into the issue for you.

How can I cancel a transfer?

In most cases we will not be able to cancel a transfer once submitted. Cancelling a transfer may only be possible if the transfer has not been processed yet by our banking partner.

Please contact our support team and we will do our best to help you.

*SEPA Instant or local GBP (Faster Payments) transfers are usually instantaneous and cannot be cancelled.

Why did my transfer fail/get declined?

The most common reasons for a failed transfer are:

  • Insufficient funds in your account or the sub-account you are transferring from

  • Incorrect recipient account details

  • Recipient bank or institution rejected the transfer. Please contact the bank or institution directly to find out why.

If these reasons don’t apply and your transfer is still being declined, please contact our support team so we can help you as best we can.

My funds haven’t arrived in my account, what should I do?

If an incoming transfer hasn’t arrived within the expected timeframe, please contact our support team with a confirmation of transfer from the sending bank or institution that includes your wamo business account details, the transfer amount, date and sender’s account details.

Why is my transfer still pending?

The most common reasons for a pending transfer are:

  • We are still processing the transfer to guarantee the security of the funds

  • There is a bank holiday

  • We require additional information from the counter party or from you to process the transfer safely. Please check your account if there is a pending information request.

Please contact our support team for help and we will do our best to accelerate the process, however, we may not be able to specify how long the transfer will be pending for.

Why was my transfer refunded?

The most common reasons for a refunded transfer are:

  • Incorrect beneficiary account details

  • Beneficiary’s bank or institution reversed the transfer

  • Beneficiary’s account is no longer open or no longer exists with the given account details

Please contact our support team if the reasons above don’t apply and you would like to know more about your refunded transfer.

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