You can make secure international payments from your wamo account in EUR, GBP and USD to countries outside the SEPA zone.

*Although we don't offer local USD accounts yet, we are able to make a currency conversion from your EUR or GBP account to USD, so that the recipient will receive USD directly. Please read on for more details.

**For a list of countries that you cannot send money to, please go here.

How sending an international payment works

1. Fill out a payment request form

We ask you to fill out this form to ensure we have the correct details to handle your payment securely. The form also contains the next steps to send an international payment and bank details.

Please complete this form and send it to with supporting documents for the payment. You can click on the form below to download it.

Payment request form for outbound international payments

*2. For USD and currency conversion payments only

We'll get in touch with you to confirm the amount via email or support chat

If you want to send any payments involving a currency conversion, like a USD payment, we will ask for the final amount in USD to send. We use the ECB mid-rate + 0.50% to calculate the amount needed in EUR or GBP to be sent.

This also applies to payments you want to send to the recipient in GBP from your EUR sub-account, or vice-versa in EUR from your GBP sub-account.

You are also welcome to reach out to us directly with the completed form and payment amount. We'll be happy to guide you from there!

3. Send the funds to our wamo pool account (free and instant)

We'll make the international payment to the recipient from our wamo account, including any currency conversion if applicable.

You can find the relevant bank details for this payment in the payment request form.

  • If you are making the payment from your wamo account in EUR, please use the "For EUR transfers" section

  • If you are making the payment from your wamo account in GBP, please use the "For GBP transfers" section

To send the payment, go to Send from the Home dashboard. Choose the sub-account you'd like to send money from, add the recipient details from the payment request form, enter the amount and confirm the transfer.

We'll take care of the rest!

Once you have provided the information and sent the funds to our pool account, we will process your international payment as soon as possible.

The transfer will take 3-5 business days to reach the beneficiary, from the date stated on the payment confirmation.

You will see the international transfer fee in your account soon afterwards, depending on your account plan. This is €14.99 on the Start and Grow plan, and €9.99 on the Scale plan. If charged in GBP, the equivalent at the time will apply.

Your wamo account name will show as the sender to the recipient receiving the payment.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to us either via email at, or through our live support chat.

For information on how to receive an international payment, please read this guide.

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