How do I create a new sub-account?

All you need is an active wamo business account to create a new sub-account.

  • Navigate to your Home dashboard

  • Click on the small icon next to your balance to bring up all your accounts

  • Create a new one by clicking " + " on the top right

  • Choose your desired currency of the sub-account and its display name (this is just an internal name for you to identify the account).

For accounts opened in the EU, EUR sub accounts are provided with an LT IBAN.

For accounts opened in the UK, EUR and GBP sub accounts are provided with a GB IBAN.

Is there any cost to opening a sub-account?

No, with a wamo business account it doesn’t cost anything to open a sub-account nor does it require any additional registration or paperwork.

How many sub-accounts can I have?

You can create as many sub-accounts as you need!

Note that you will need to contact us if you wish to delete one of your sub accounts. This will only take a few moments, just drop us a line on our live chat or email us at to do this after you have withdrawn the funds from the account.

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