Transfer fees

Information about fees for sending and receiving money

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What are the fees for money transfers?

Depending on your business account plan, the price of payments made via SEPA and/or SWIFT transfers will vary. For example, all local payments (via SEPA or Faster Payments) are free on the Grow plan and €0.99 on the Start plan.

You can find more information about transfer fees on each account plan here. You can also see this in your account under Your plan.

What is the exchange rate fee for payments?

International payments with a currency conversion (for example sending or receiving a USD payment) are charged an exchange rate fee of the European Central Bank (ECB) mid-rate + 0.50%.

If you have any questions about transfer fees or about making one, feel free to ask us a question through our support chat, you'll find it in the bottom right of our website or in your account.

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