You can customise limits on card spending separately for each physical or virtual debit card connected to your account. These can be changed immediately at any time from your account.

Use them to improve the security of your account and card, as well as automating your budgeting. The peace of mind is great too!

Limits on individual card payments

You can set a limit for the maximum amount possible on an individual card payment. This means that any card payment attempted with an amount above the limit will be rejected.

Limits over a given time frame

You can also set a limit for the card spend in a certain time period. You can set limits:

  • Daily

  • Weekly (Resets on Monday)

  • Monthly (Resets on the 1st of each month)

  • All time (Never resets)

For example, if you set a daily limit of €1000, such as for budgeting a marketing or ad campaign, then any card payment that would take your daily spend over €1000 will be rejected.

You can see when the limit will reset in the app.

How can I set custom limits on my cards?

In your account, for both the app and desktop version:

  1. From the Home dashboard, go to Cards

  2. Select the card you wish to set a limit on

  3. You will see a section "Spending limit", select this to start setting card spend limits or to edit your current limits

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us in our support chat or at

*Overall card limits that override any custom limits set

Although you can place your own custom limits on each of your cards, there are overall 'hard' limits on card spend that cannot be surpassed. These apply to both the amount of an individual card payment, the monthly spend and the number of card payments possible per month. View the limits here.

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