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Our card spending & ATM limits
Our card spending & ATM limits

Overall limits on cards that cannot be exceeded

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These limits apply to each card separately, not to your overall account. This means you can create multiple cards and benefit from high spend limits on each one.

These card spend limits cannot be changed or surpassed.

Our card spending limits are as follows:

  • Daily number of card transactions: 50

  • Monthly number of card transactions: 300

  • One-time card transaction limit: 115,000 EUR (for an individual payment)

  • Monthly card transaction limit: 290,000 EUR

  • ATM daily transaction limit: 20

  • ATM one-time withdrawal limit: 500 EUR

  • ATM daily withdrawal limit: 2000 EUR
    (meaning you can make 4 separate withdrawals of 500 EUR each time)

  • ATM weekly withdrawal limit: 7000 EUR

  • ATM monthly withdrawal limit: 16,000 EUR

The limits for contactless card payments are as per the EU and UK Card Schemes.

How many cards can I have?

Once you open your account, there will be a soft limit of 10 cards. However, if you require more then please let us know in advance so we can update this for you.

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