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What is a payment request link, how to start using them and accept payments securely through them.

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What are payment request link?

Your wamo account comes with a unique payment link, offering a simple and secure way to request and receive payments directly into your wamo account. The link supports payments via Visa or Mastercard debit/credit cards and Apple Pay.

How can I start using my payment request link?

Your payment link may be disabled on your account by default for the security of your account and all other wamo customers, as the speed and ease of card payments means that they are more open to being misused.

If you'd like to start using payment links on your account, please drop us a short message on our support chat about this, or send an email to

We'll get back to you right away about it, as well as if we need to ask for something specific.

How do I share my payment link with someone and receive money?

Once payment links have been activated on your account, first go to +Add money and select Payment request link as shown below. These steps also apply if you are using the desktop version.

Enter the amount that you would like to request from someone and tap Create link.

You can copy the link or share it directly through any social app, such as Gmail, Apple Mail, WhatsApp. They can be opened on both mobile and desktop.
​(Note: Apple Pay only works when the payment link is opened on mobile)

In-person payments with QR codes

Each sub-account has a unique QR code linked to your payment link. To generate it, tap the QR code icon on the dashboard. Scanning the QR code with the native camera application will trigger the payment link.

You can also share the payment link from this screen, as shown below.

How long will the payment take via a payment request link?

We currently settle payments via payment links on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, the payment will arrive in your account on the first of those days after it is made.

So, if someone makes a payment through your payment link by card on Tuesday, it will arrive in your account on Wednesday. If they make the card payment on Saturday, it will arrive in your account on Monday.

Are there any fees when using my payment link?

There is an online payment fee for accepting payments via your payment link. This ranges between 0.99% and 1.49% of the transaction value, depending on your account plan.

We use a percentage fee on payment link payments because processing card payments is typically more expensive than typical bank transfers.

Remember, you can always reach out to us through our support chat or at, we'll be more than happy to help!

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