With our Pay Later feature you don't need to worry about paying high % APR rates that can fluctuate like with other providers. We charge a simple fixed fee, depending on the amount of the transaction you choose to pay later, as shown below.

Read on to understand how the repayment process works.

When do I have to pay back?

The first repayment will be debited from your wamo account or sub-account (depending on which account the card you used to make the purchase is linked to) one month after you activated Pay Later on the purchase in the wamo app or online. The second repayment is taken from the same account or sub-account one month after the first.

It’s important that, when repayment is due, you have enough money in the relevant account to prevent your account from being frozen.

What happens if I don't have enough funds for repayment?

Both instalments are taken from the account linked to the card you used to pay. If you made multiple purchases using multiple cards from multiple accounts, we will collect your repayments from each account. It’s your responsibility to make sure that there is enough money in every relevant account when the instalment payment is due.

If there aren’t enough funds to cover the instalment, your main wamo account will be frozen until we can collect all repayments due.

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