We want to support you in your journey by making it as accessible as possible to start a business for aspiring business owners all over the world, not just in the EU and the UK.

What's included in the company formation service?

We are offering you the ability to register a UK company and open a business account for your new company at the same time, in one smooth process. This typically takes 2-3 days to have an operational company and business account!

There is a one-time fee of £99 for the entire package and registration process, this includes:

  1. All the company registration processing once you have applied and your new company documents such as the Certificate of Incorporation

  2. Your virtual London office address for 1 year
    (there is a yearly fee of £37 after the first free year, not bad for an office!)

  3. 3 months free of a wamo business account, on the plan you want (plans range from £19.99 - £49.99 /month). As this is a new service, this is part of our special introductory offer for our first 1000 company formation customers. After 3 months, the plan fee will apply depending on which plan you choose.

How does it work? Check out the video below for all the steps!

  1. Start registering on our website here or through our wamo business mobile app available on iOS and Android. We will first ask you for basic contact details.

  2. After verifying your email address and phone number at the start, you will be asked to either continue with an existing company or to register a new one.

  3. Choose to register a new one take advantage of our limited time offer. That's it!

After your company has been incorporated with Companies House, you can continue your application for a wamo business account. The best part? Since you are applying for both with us, your business account application is expedited with your new company details!

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