How to register a UK company

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Registration process

Do I have to have LTD at the end of my company name?

Yes, you have to have either Limited or LTD at the end of your company name. This is a requirement by Companies House.

There is no difference between LTD and Limited, LTD is just the shortened version. Companies House requires limited companies to have one or the other at the end of the company name.

Can I set up other types of business, like an LLP, 'Community Interest Company' or a charity?

At the moment it is only possible to create a limited company, limited by shares.

What details will be on the Companies House public record?

Your name, nationality, occupation, month and year of birth, your business’s registered office address and the service address of the director/s. Be aware that if you use your home address as your registered business address, it will also show on the public record. Vist the Companies House website to learn more.

Do I need to have a solicitor or an accountant to register a UK company?

No, when you register a new UK company using wamo’s service we do it all for you.

Is a company secretary a mandatory requirement?

No, and we don’t include one in your registration process. If you want to appoint a company secretary later you can do that by contacting Companies House directly.

Do I need to sign any documents?

There is no paper involved when you use wamo’s service to register a new UK company with Companies House and nothing to sign, but please make sure you have read the terms and conditions in full (on the payments screen) before you make your payment.

Application outcome

What happens if Companies House rejects my application for a limited company?

If Companies House rejects your application it’s up to you if you want to make any changes that can be made in order to qualify your business. If you’d like you can then reapply using the wamo service.

Unfortunately, if Companies House rejects your application, wamo won’t be able to open a business current account for you.

What happens if wamo is unable to accept my account application?

In some cases, we will be unable to offer you a business current account. It’s worth reading this article outlining some of the reasons.

Sometimes, we will already have submitted your application to Companies House. In this case, you will have an incorporated UK company but not a wamo account. It’s also possible that we may withhold a submission to Companies House. If this happens, it would still be worthwhile trying to register a limited company directly with

Please keep an eye on your inbox for the status of your application and advisable next steps.

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Contacting Companies House

You can contact Companies House via their website, email address or phone number

Companies House

Telephone: 0303 1234 500

Relay UK (if you cannot hear or speak on the phone): 18001 then 0300 373 0995

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