We use the most cutting-edge security technology to ensure your account and data are safe. Your security is our top priority.


Through our regulated provider PayrNet, your funds are securely held under ring-fenced segregated accounts in robust EEA-credit institutions as per the UK FCA’s Safeguarding Rules.

We don't lend out any of your funds as banks might do, they remain secure in the safeguarded account, which only you have access to.

“Not a bank” doesn’t mean not safe

The accounts your funds are safeguarded in are bankruptcy-remote. This means that in the extreme case of insolvency, all your funds are returned to you in priority over other creditors (minus costs to distribute them), provided the banks we work with have the reserves to do so.

Your data is yours

We’re committed to full transparency when it comes to your data.

You can read our privacy policy here.

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