As of the 27th January 2023, wamo is offering 10% cashback to the first 3000 new members for their first 3 months!

Who can benefit from the cashback offer?

Anyone who opens an account after this date (27th January 2023) will automatically enter our cashback programme and be able to earn 10% on eligible card transactions. This is only for the first 3000 new accounts after this date, so sign up now to start earning!

This offer will also apply to anyone who began to register before this date, but only finished their application or had their account approved after this date.

How does the cashback work?

Once your account is approved and opened, you will be able to earn up to £/€100 cashback every month from that date, for the next 3 months. This means that cashback is not necessarily accumulated from the start of a calendar month, but from the date that your account is opened.

Cashback is accumulated from eligible card transactions for any card on your wamo account over monthly periods and automatically credited to your account one month after each monthly period ends - you don't need to do anything to claim it.

You can always track how much cashback you've currently accumulated from your Home dashboard.

For example:

  • Your account was approved and opened on the 28th January 2023

  • You get a wamo card and start to accumulate cashback until 28th February 2023

  • The cashback you've accumulated will be automatically credited to your account on the 28th March 2023

  • You can continue to accumulate cashback until 28th of March 2023

The cashback will be credited in GBP (£) if your company is incorporated in the United Kingdom, and in EUR (€) If your company is incorporated in the EEA or Switzerland.

To understand which card transactions are eligible for cashback, please have a look at the Cashback rules.

Ready to open an account and start earning cashback? Sign up now!

If you opened an account after the 27th January 2023 and haven't started making use of your cashback yet, start by having a look at how to get a card here.

If you have any questions about our cashback programme or opening an account with us, please drop us a message through our support chat or send an email to and we'll be happy to help you!

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