Gift Card Campaign FAQs

Understand how our Gift Card campaign works if you have a Gift Card campaign active on your account.

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If you've been contacted by us about a gift card campaign, these FAQs will explain how the campaign works and what card transactions are eligible for the campaign.

How does the gift card campaign work?

  • You will have an overall target to reach for card spend with your wamo cards. This includes all eligible spend with both your physical and virtual cards.

  • If you reach the target in the given period, for example a 1 month period from 12 May - 12 June 2023, you're a winner! We will e-mail you the gift card link 30 days later from 12 June, on 12 July, to allow for any card transactions to settle.

  • The gift card link will direct you to the GoGift dashboard where you need to enter your email and country of residence to claim the gift card.

  • If your country of residence isn't on the list, choose anywhere that will deliver to you!

  • Get full details here about how to redeem your gift card.

Which card transactions are eligible for Gift Card?

Our Gift Card Campaign will apply to all of your settled (or cleared) card transactions made with any physical or virtual wamo card connected to your account (and any one of your sub-accounts).

Gift Card Campaign will not apply on the following types of transactions:

  • ATM cash withdrawals

  • Temporary holds

  • Chargebacks

  • Card receive transactions (for example, refunds to your card)

  • Inbound transfers to your WAMO account made by you or any third party

  • Outbound transfers from your WAMO account, including any fees for using your account (for example, your monthly subscription fee)

The same list can be found in our T&Cs, along with the rest of the gift card terms.

What happens if my card transaction is refunded?

Any card transactions that are refunded will not be eligible for GiftCard Campaign.

Are there other cases when I will not be able to earn cashback?

If your account is closed, either by you or by us, any GiftCard will not be provided to your account.

Similarly, if your account is frozen due to a breach in our T&Cs, any GiftCard will not be provided to your account until the issue has been resolved. Once resolved, then the GiftCard will be provided to your account shortly after.

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