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New Exchange Feature enables users exchange between available currencies.

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wamo App now offers a native exchange feature, allowing users to trade between EURO and GBP currency pairs seamlessly through our web and mobile applications. These two currencies mark only a beginning, as we plan to expand the range of tradable currencies in future updates.

How to make an exchange:

1. Click on exchange at the top of the dashboard

2. Select the currencies you wish to exchange

3. Enter the amount you wish to sell

4. Review your order and approve

Key Highlights:

1. EUR/GBP Currency Trading:

  • Convenient access to trade EUR/GBP currency pairs.

  • A flexible way to diversify your investment portfolio.

2. Trading Hours:

  • Exchange is available on weekdays between 09:00 AM and 06:00 PM (GMT +1), aligning with the most active market hours.

3. Prominent Product:

  • Exchange is prominently featured in our app, ensuring that users can easily access this new offering.

  • Our goal is to provide an intuitive and user-friendly trading experience suitable for traders of all levels.

4. Expanding Currency Options:

  • Stay tuned for upcoming updates that will introduce a broader selection of currencies for trading.

5. Fair rates:

  • wamo offers one of the most fair rates across the spot exchange market.


What is Exchange, and how does it work?

wamo Exchange enables you to buy and sell currency pairs, such as EURO and GBP, at the market rates, during business hours. Just navigate to the Exchange button at the top of the dashboard and follow the steps.

When can I make an Exchange on wamo?

wamo Exchange is available during weekdays from 09:00 AM to 06:00 PM (GMT +1), ensuring you can participate during peak market hours.

What sets wamo Exchange apart from other platforms?

wamo Exchange offers competitive spreads and minimal slippage during working hours, making it an attractive choice for exchanging. Our user-friendly interface facilitates the trading experience.

Can I access Exchange on both web and mobile?

Yes, wamo Exchange is accessible through our web platform and mobile app.

How can I make the Exchange?

To make an Exchange between selected pairs, please follow the guide above.

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