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Bulk Payments

About Bulk Payments feature and how to use it

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About Bulk Payment

Bulk Payments is a feature that enables sending money to multiple recipients at once.

Eligible wamo users

Bulk transfer feature is available to users subscribed to wamo's Grow or Scale Plan. It's designed for businesses of all sizes looking to streamline their payment processes and reduce operational costs.
Scale Plan users have 250 free local transfers (SEPA or FAST) each month defined in their plans so Bulk Payments will come essentially at 0 cost for the first 250 transactions. Grow plan users have 50 free local transfers (SEPA or FAST) each month.

How to use Bulk Payments?

1- Check if you have the recipients saved into your wamo account. If there are new contacts, or you wish to upload your file, make a list of all the transfers you wish to submit.

2- Two different templates are available for EURO and GBP currencies. Remember, you cannot make EUR and GBP transfers at the same time. Please select either EUR or GBP

2A- EURO Transfer

Adapt your list to the following format and save it as a .CSV document.



2B - GBP Account

Adapt your list to the following format and save it as a .CSV document.



Here is the country code list

3- Go to Bulk Feature on wamo app.

4A- Upload your CSV, revise the list, and approve with 2 Factor Authentication!

4B- If the recipient is already saved in your wamo account, tap on the plus icon in Bulk Payments to add as many recipients to your transfer list as you need.

5- Add new recipients to your saved contacts.

6- You can do the whole process by clicking on your saved contacts instead of the CSV list.

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