We’ve made sure opening a business account is as fast, simple and secure as it can be with minimal paperwork or hassle. As part of our legal responsibility to the security of our customers and the financial industry, there is certain information that we are obliged to ask for, we hope that you understand this.

At the moment, we only offer accounts to registered companies (e.g. LLCs). If you are a sole trader, freelancer or self-employed but do not have a registered company, you won’t be able to open a wamo business account.

This is one of the reasons we are offering the company formation service together with a business account, making it as easy as possible to start a business!

If you aren't sure if you can open a wamo business account, please check your eligibility here.

Company information required

In addition to basic information about yourself and other directors/shareholders, we will also ask for:

  • Company registration name and number

  • Company registration documents (e.g. Memorandum and Articles of Association)

  • Proof of shareholder structure

  • Registry extracts

  • Proof of trading address

  • Proof of identity for any directors and shareholders. You can use your national identity card, passport or driving license as valid forms of identity.

*Note that if we open your account without all of this information, we will request it afterwards

Identity verification

The director opening the account must have their identity document physically with them to complete a digital biometric test online. Shareholders, and other directors can use a clear image or scan of their identity document.

The director(s) don't need to be physically present for verification to open an account with wamo. All verification is done digitally, from your desktop or on our mobile app wamo business.

Once your account has been opened

After your account has been successfully opened we will get in touch personally to get to know your business better. This is part of our legal responsibility and responsibility to you to provide the best service and experience we can.

See how smooth it is and open a wamo business account now

It can take just 10 minutes to apply for a business account online and your application will be reviewed within 24 - 48 hours of submitting it.

Get in touch with us for any questions via our support chat or by emailing support@wamo.io. We look forward to welcoming you to wamo!

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