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Opening a wamo account
How to open a wamo account for sole traders and freelancers
How to open a wamo account for sole traders and freelancers

Learn what information and steps are required to open a wamo business account as sole trader or freelancer

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We're happy that you've found us. Opening a wamo business account is a smooth, straightforward and secure process. It takes 15 minutes to apply and from as little as 2 hours up to 48 hours for your application to be reviewed by our team after you have submitted it.

Although you'll find our account opening process straightforward, as a regulated financial institution, we have a strong responsibility to our customers' security and to preventing financial crime. As part of this commitment, we require certain personal and company information to ensure the integrity of your account. You'll likely have all this information at hand and we promise that it's a step worth taking!

All information and documents are handled confidentially and retained securely for legal reasons only. We encourage you to read our privacy policy for more details.

Which businesses can apply for a wamo business account?

Before going ahead and applying for an account, we recommend that you first check your business' country eligibility and industry eligibility for a wamo business account.

We offer accounts to registered companies (e.g. LLCs), sole traders, freelancers or self employed who registered their companies to tax authorities in their country of incorporation.

Steps to open a wamo sole trader account

1. Create your profile (2 minutes)

You can open an account either on our website or on our wamo business app (we recommend the app for the best experience)

We'll begin by asking for your name, business email and phone number.

2. Business owner verification (2 minutes)

  • First you'll need to scan and upload an image of your passport, ID card or driving license

  • Then we'll ask you to complete a short video. This biometric check allows us to verify your identity digitally and accurately quickly. All information here is encrypted and securely stored.

Only the account owner, the director opening the account, will need to have their ID physically with them to complete this biometric test.

3. Business details (3 minutes)

In the Business details section, we'll ask you for your:

  • Company name, registration number and business addresses

  • Website URL or other online presence (e.g. social media pages). We're required to ask for this as part of our financial regulations to open an account. If you don't have any online presence, then you can let us know how you market yourselves instead.

  • Tell us about what your business does. This is essentially what your nature of business, for example, what products or services it buys or sells.

In the Documents section:

  • Company tax registration documents

  • Proof of address (e.g., utility bill, bank statement or rental agreement) - Dated within the last 6 months

*All documents should be dated within the last 3 years unless specified otherwise by our team

Once your account has been opened

After your account has been successfully opened, we will get in touch personally to get to know your business better. This is part of our responsibility legally and to you to provide the best service we can.

We look forward to welcoming you to wamo! Apply for an account now and simplify your business finances.

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